The passage of the $200 million bond will positively impact our district for generations to comE! 

Fast facts...

Teaching and learning has changed a great deal in the last 65 years (around the time Eastover Elementary opened). As the pace of change accelerates, we are re-imagining the spaces in which our students learn. Flexible, adaptable spaces prepare students for a future we cannot imagine.

2-series bond, $200

million, 1.85 mill increase.


Every learner - today and tomorrow - deserves our best.

Every learner deserves barrier-free environments, opportunities and experiences that ignite passion, and a place in which to belong and thrive.


Transition Plan

Whether the bond proposal passes or fails, Bloomfield Hills Schools will have to review realignment of attendance areas. Our goal will be to do this with as little disruption to families as possible. In the fall of 2020, a committee (comprised of staff and district families) will convene to explore the ways in which the district can re-balance our attendance areas. The committee will present a proposal to the Board of Education by the fall of 2021 for implementation in the fall of 2023. Attendance boundary changes would only impact which individual school the home is scheduled to attend. There would not be any changes to district boundaries. All homes currently scheduled to attend Bloomfield Hills Schools would continue to attend Bloomfield Hills Schools.

Safe & Flexible

An uncompromising commitment to school safety sometimes requires compromises in learning environment flexibility. We can provide both a safe and flexible learning environment for our students by utilizing both modern school design concepts and safety best practices.

Scope & Design Highlights

Bloomin' Preschool at Eastover & Conant Sites

The current Eastover building would receive renovations and become a Bloomin' Preschool location. The current Conant Bloomin' site would receive an addition and remain a Bloomin' Preschool location.

Four Elementary Schools: Conant, Eastover, Lone Pine, and Way

Eastover would move into the current EHMS site; Lone Pine would move into the current WHMS site; and Conant & Way would receive renovations and additions.

Two Middle Schools: BHMS "North" at Lahser Site & BHMS "South" at BHMS site

Both the Lahser site and the current BHMS site would receive additions and renovations to become two middle schools for all district students in grades 6-8.

With the whole community in mind

Bowers School Farm has been a community gem for decades, but has not been flexibly open to the public. In this plan, the Farm would receive upgrades that would enable residents to enjoy the space as a public park, which is something the community has expressed an interest in.

The current Franklin Road Maintenance Building would be transitioned to a stand-alone STEM Career Exploration Facility featuring multiple collaborative spaces, a shop environment, and competition field areas to accommodate our World Champion robotics program and other STEM-focused clubs and activities for students in grades K-12.

In addition, a pool would be included in the Bloomfield Hills Middle School North building. This pool would have community operating hours for recreational swim.


Master Property Planning

Facility & Tech Assessment

Middle School Redesign & Moonshot



Board of Education Decision

Scope & Design Task Force